Flickr Downloader

Flickr Downloader 1.0

Download photos from Flickr and create Flash slideshows


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't require a Flickr account
  • Downloads entire sets or photos one by one
  • Enables you to create Flash slideshows and screensavers


  • Takes a while to display or download images if there are many of them.


Flickr Downloader is not the first tool specifically created to download photos from Flickr, but it includes some interesting features that make it worth mentioning.

With Flickr Dowloader you can perform searches on Flickr based on a given username, e-mail address, tags or groups. You don't even need to have a Flickr account or allow the program to access it. Just enter the necessary keywords to find the images you're looking for – or just the username, if you know it. Make sure it's properly spelled though, because otherwise the program won't work.

Flickr Downloader will then show all the photos matching your keywords or stored in that given account. Be patient, because if there are many photos the program will take a while to display all of them. You'll be able to select photos one by one or just the complete set, and download it right away to your computer. Again, if there are images to be downloaded, this process may get a bit lengthy.

Besides downloading images, Flick Downloader also enables you create simple yet effective Flash slideshows with the pictures you just obtained. It doesn't require any coding or design knowledge – only a few clicks through a wizard-like interface - and turns out to be a great way to share pictures on your website. What's more, you can also use them as customized screensavers for your computer.

Flickr Downloader not only downloads photos from Flickr in a quick, handy way, but also lets you create Flash slideshows and personal screensavers with them very easily.

Flickr Downloader allows you to download photos from Flickr and create Flash slideshow for your website or a screensaver. The program is easy to use, just type the username, email, tags or groups to find and download the photos!

It also allows you to create a slideshow in Flash with background music and special transition effects. You can use Flickr Downloader for publish the slideshow for your website, blog or create a screensaver.

Download Flickr Downloader now and get started downloading your favorite photos from Flickr and create slideshows.

  • Download and find quickly photos or entire photosets from Flickr
  • You can select the size (small, medium, large, original) of photos to download
  • Show thumbnails preview of photos to download
  • Supports caching to prevent downloading the same photos again
  • Allows you to create a Flash slideshow for your website or a screensaver
  • Flash slideshow support background music and special transition effects
  • No knowledge of Flash or Html required

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Flickr Downloader


Flickr Downloader 1.0

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  • by Anonymous

    Sorta works, usually only partially..
    It appears to work, but then it crashes about halfway through downloading ...   More